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Patrick Coyne discusses what green prescriptions are and whether prescribed exercise would work in the UK.
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Verity Comley discusses the Institute for Economic Affairs's The Fat Lie report and the impact of food and physical inactivity on obesity. The ‘obesity epidemic’ in the UK is well documented.
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Leigh Thompson discusses why good governance is the ultimate weapon in fighting match-fixing. Whilst reading the recent press coverage concerning match-fixing I was reminded of a well-known phrase about the corrupting...
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Mikkel Larsen discusses the decision by Princess Haya Bint Al Hussei to step down as President of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI) after two terms of office. Governance is usually only mentioned in the media...
The Sport and Recreation Alliance bring you the top 10 places to learn to climb in the UK. Want to gain a sense of freedom and achievement at the same time? Want to try an activity that gives you a workout for the mind...
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Patrick Coyne discusses global match-fixing and what the world is doing to ensure the future of sport. British sport is in pretty good shape at the moment. Record medal-winning performances at the Olympic and...
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Jo Swarbrick analyses the Government's Inspired by 2012 report and discusses what legacy from the London 2012 Games has been felt. Last Wednesday the Government published the second annual report on the legacy of the...
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James Allen discusses the More Sport for All consultation from the Labour Party.
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Verity Comley discusses how Denmark built physical activity into people's everyday life and asks if the UK can learn from it.
In another Top 10 blog, here's the Sport and Recreation Alliance's top 10 sport and recreation activities for older adults. As we get older, many of us begin to get more sedentary. We lose that spring in our step and...

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