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In her latest blog, our CEO, Emma Boggis, talks about the upcoming Inspiring Women campaign and the role that the Alliance and our members can play in making it a success.
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With recent big public drives to increase sporting participation and physical activity, recent figures show a fall in membership of sports clubs or organisations. David Callan, Communications Officer, looks at what...
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Colleagues in the Sport and Recreation Alliance office are by now (I hope) used to some of my more peculiar traits. One of these is to stare into the middle-distance, adopt a slightly puzzled expression and, shortly...
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When it comes to devising a strategy and solutions to problems, it helps to know what the problems REALLY are. Here's where commissioning comes in useful. Hannah explores this matter in more detail for her latest blog.
Simon Taylor of the Professional Players Federation (PPF) presents a follow up to his earlier blog on gambling in professional sport. This one looks at recent research into the habits and behaviour of professional...
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Following on from our successful 2014 Leadership Convention, Cristy Butcher, Events Officer here at the Alliance, looks at the five key questions to answer before embarking on an events schedule.
Following last week's publication of the Being Active report, Chris Ratcliffe, Development Director at the EFDS, blogs about the barriers that stop disabled people from being active and how Being Active aims to...
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Part 2 of Leigh's blog on the public finances takes a closer look at how austerity has and will continue to challenge the sporting sector when it comes to funding.
Ahead of a national campaign to help get more people with autism physically active and into sport, Amy Webster of the National Autistic Society, talks about their pilot programme and objectives.
The number of people choosing to run to or from work as an alternative mode of transport has nearly tripled in the last two years. As a result, Gordon Lott of Run2Work, reasons there should be a Run to Work scheme so...

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