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National Lottery Operation Inquiry

The DCMS Select Committee launched an inquiry to consider whether changes are needed to the operation of the National Lottery in light of falling Lottery receipts and changes to the Lottery market. The Alliance has submitted a response to this which will be available to view shortly.

 30 Aug 2019

Ofsted: Education Inspection Framework

Ofsted sought views on their proposals for changes to the education inspection framework taking place from September 2019. The Alliance submitted a response outlining the importance of assessing the quality of PE and sport alongside other subjects. You may view the consultation here

5 April 2019
Mental Health of Men and Boys  The Women and Equalities Committee launched an inquiry into male mental health to which the Alliance submitted evidence. We have evidenced the incredibly positive impact of various sport and recreation programmes on the mental wellbeing of young boys and men, and have urged the committee to consider incorporating these into the broader mental health service offering currently in place.  18 February 2019
Out of School Settings: Voluntary Safeguarding  Stemming from the Integrated Communties Strategy, Government published guidance to help parents choose safe and high quality out of school settings (OOSS) for children. The Department for Education asked for views to contribute to the development of a safeguarding code of practice. The Alliance's response can be read here 22 February 2019
25 Year Environmental Plan: Measuring Progress The Alliance has submitted a response to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs' consultation on the progress of their 25 Year Plan. The Department have been seeking views on indicators used to show envoronment change and how we will measure our progress against the plan. You may view the Allliance's response here 25 January 2019
DfE GCSE, AS and A Level PE The Department for Education published a consultation around the GCSE, AS and A Level PE activity list on 24 October. They invited proposals for activities to add to the existing published list. The Alliance worte to the Department to express our support for our member's individual submissions.  20 December 2018
Landscapes Review Consultation To inform their consultation, government requested information on what works well and what requires improvement in order to ensure that National Parks and areas of outsanding beauty (AONBs) are fit for the 21st Century. The Alliance's response to the consultation can be found here 18 December 2018
Local Authorities' Provision of Children's Services Inquiry  The Housing, Communities and Local Government Committee opened an inquiry into the provision and funding of local authorities' children's services. The inquiry explored a number of matter including; whether current funding is sufficient, the financial challenges faced by local authorities, how funding can be made more sustainable and innovative approaches to financial sustainability for children's services. The Alliance's response to the consultation can be found here 18 December 2018
Calorie Labelling Consultation The Department of Health and Social Care requested feedback on the proposal for a calorie labelling requirement on ready-to-eat food or drink items sold in any outlet. The Alliance's response to the consultation can be found here. 7 December 2018
Building a Statutory Youth Service Labour Consultation The Labour Party held a consultation on building a statutory youth service for local authorities based on a National Charter for Youth Work. You may read the Alliance's submission here. 30 November 2018
Gender Recognition Act Reform Consultation  The Government is looking to reform the Gender Recognition Act of 2004. The Alliance saught our members' views and existing policies in place to respond to Government, informing them how they may make the existing process a better service for our members and the sector. You may view the Alliance's response here 19 October 2018
Mayor of London's Sport Strategy  The Mayor of London has launched a consultation to influence a new London Sport Strategy. The Alliance has submitted evidence towards this which may be read here 12 October 2018
UK Sport Future Funding of Elite Sport  A call for views on the future allocation of National Lottery Funding and the funding of elite sport. You may view the Alliance's response here. 16 August 2018
Loneliness Strategy Government opened a call for evidence on their approach to the loneliness strategy to inform Government's future policy. The Alliance reminded Government of the positive impact sport has had time and time again on alleviating isolation. You may view the Alliance's response here.  19 July 2018
VAT Registration Thresholds A call for evidence to explore whether the design of the VAT threshold could better incentivise growth. You may view the Alliance's response here. 5 June 2018
Integrated Communities Stratregy Green Paper Government was consulting on a programme of actions for building stronger, intergrated communities which will look at how sport, culture and volunteering can contribute to this. You may view the Alliance's response here. 5 June 2018
Civil Society Strategy Government sought views to help inform the development of its new civil society strategy.   May 2018
The future for food, farming and the environment The Food and Rural Affairs Committee ran an enquiry into the future of agriculture funding post-Brexit and invited stakeholders to submit evidence. You may view the Alliance's response here  May 2018
Childhood Obesity The Health and Social Care Committee ran an inquiry into childhood obesity and invited stakeholders to submit evidence. You may view the Alliance's response here.  April 2018
25 Year Environment Plan The Environmental Audit Committee ran a short inquiry into the Government's 25-Year plan, which sets out Government's strategy for the environment for the next 25 years. You may view the Alliance's response here  April 2018
Social Impact of Sport and Culture The House of Commons Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee ran an inquiry into the social impact of sport and culture, and invited stakeholders to submit written evidence. You may view the Alliance's response here  March 2018


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