Ministers' To-Do List

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is always taking the pulse of the sector when it comes to understanding what its members want from the policy world. And we are now looking to raise the heartbeat of the nation with the help of five keys asks of any new government in the shape of our our Minsters' To-Do List project.

Ministers To Do ()

"The sport and recreation sector offers so many benefits to the UK as a whole and those benefits extend to the nation’s health, wealth and happiness.

In the run up to the election we want to highlight the additional benefits the sector has to offer the health of the nation on a physical, social and economic scale.

We want to see a society where, from the day they learn to walk until the day they take their last steps, people have the confidence, opportunity and motivation to participate in sport and recreation. 

Our Minister's To-Do List offers, to any future government, a concise, easily understandable programme from those within sport and recreation which, if implemented fully, would remove some of the obstacles that currently stop sector from realising its full potential." Emma Boggis, CEO of the Sport and Recreation Alliance

Below you can browse the five key asks from the Ministers' To-Do List:

Support sport and recreation from grassroots up

  • The Community Amateur Sports Club scheme needs to be flexible and fair, taking into account the wide diversity of clubs and how they are run.
  • We’d like to see a sports betting right which returns some of the profits made by the gambling industry back into sport.
  • All NGB-accredited sport and recreation clubs should get 80% rate relief, no matter where they are.
  • Employers who encourage physical activity should be rewarded through the tax system.

See the detailed page of this ask here.

Increased investment in teacher training, PE and school sport up

  • All physical education should be delivered by qualified teachers and coaches, and continue to be assessed rigorously by Ofsted.
  • Every school’s physical activity offer must be wide enough to attract and engage children of all interests, abilities and motivations - both competitive and non-competitive activities.
  • Schools should offer more opportunities to be active in the natural world.

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Local authorities to produce strategy for physical activity opportunities for communities

  • Every local authority must be required to produce a robust strategy based on local needs, outlining how sport and recreation will be delivered in their area.
  • Local authorities should create, protect and utilise accessible places where people can be active.
  • The rules around asset transfer should highlight the importance of physical activity.

See the detailed page of this ask here.

Keep the UK the home of world class sport and sporting events

  • A relaxation on the rules for taxation of elite athletes and better intellectual property protection would both preserve the status of the UK as the home of international sport.
  • The Government should produce a strategy to protect the integrity and honesty of top level sport from corrupt betting.
  • Effective legislation and regulation which makes the buying and selling of tickets on the secondary ticket market as transparent as possible.

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Create a Minister for the Outdoors to maximise the full potential of the natural environment

  • The Prime Minister should appoint a dedicated minister to deliver the long-term outdoor strategy that the UK needs.
  • The Government and stakeholders should agree a strategy for the long-term preservation and promotion of the nation’s paths, trails, waterways and coastline.
  • The Government should place outdoor activity and green spaces at the heart of a strategy to improve health.

See the detailed page of this ask here.

We are going to be having on-going discussions with ministers and wider groups in the run-up-to and after the election. As such we are looking to gather as much support for our 'asks' and the sector's plans as we can.

Download the full Ministers' To-Do List below.