Governance and Workforce Month

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This month we are running a Governance and Workforce themed month, as part of our ‘Fit for the Future’ work.

The aim of the month is to provide the insight and guidance on governance and workforce topics in order to prepare you for the imminent launch of the UK Sports Governance Code.

The two themes for the month will be:

1. Identifying the challenges and opportunities around embedding good governance in an organisation

2. Learning about governance and workforce related best practice from other sectors

Our Policy Support Officer Robert Gill has written an introductory blog on why we are running governance and workforce month.

Read Robert's blog here.

Director of Policy, Governance and External Affairs, James Allen, has given his thoughts on how the sector is getting to grips with governance.

Interim CEO of the ASA, Jane Nickerson, answers some questions about how they've improved governance standards and workforce development.

Rob Tate, Governance Officer at the Alliance, looks at the importance of a diverse workforce and how it relates to improved governance decision-making.