freemarketFX is a trusted marketplace for a community of members to exchange currencies when, where and how they want. By exchanging funds directly with other members, using an online portal, you take control of your transactions – and keep more of your money.

The team at freemarketFX are on hand to speak to any Sport and Recreation Alliance member about their foreign exchange requirements and consult with you regarding your current provider(s), and the benefits of their online platform, which offer potential savings of up to 80% on exchange costs. 

This helpful graphic explains how the process works and full details of how to start using this free service are available here.

Why work with us?

  • Access to mid-market or institutional rates;
  • Efficient online platform to easily book and manage transactions autonomously;
  • Same day settlement on major currencies, with next day on many others;
  • Tier 1 banking relationship;
  • Authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA);
  • Automated confirmation notifications at each stage of the process;
  • Over 20 currencies supported, with the ability to add more upon request;
  • Exceptional support and customer service through assigned account managers;
  • No upper limit on payment size.


Here are some handy resources from freemarketFX to help you run your organisation as effectively as possible:


Rhodri Huish, Sport and Recreation Account Manager at freemarketFX

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