Case Studies — Making private woodland work for sport and recreation

Forests and woodland play a vital role in the provision of outdoor sport and recreation. From rambling to sled-dog racing they offer an area in which all sorts of outdoor fun can be had.

The Forestry Commission manages the Public Forest Estate – which is the most extensive and popular resource for recreation in the countryside with over 40 million visits a year.

But, whilst the Public Forest Estate has excellent provision for sport and recreation, 72% of woodland is in private hands – which only has patchy provision for sport and recreation.

To help improve this patchy provision the Sport and Recreation Alliance has produced best practice examples of where national governing bodies and clubs are working together to make the most of private woodland.

Woodland Case Study - Viceroys Wood Penshurst, off-road cycling

Woodland Case Study - Graythwaite Estate a venue for orienteering and tourism

Woodland Case Study - Birchden Wood, climbing on Harrison's rocks

Woodland Case Study - Stour Head Estate archery and timber production

Woodland Case Study - Thetford Forest sled dog training and racing

Woodland Case Study - Hodgemoor Woods, equestrian access in popular and environmentally sensitive wood

Woodland Case Study - Coed Trallwm synergy between mountain biking and holiday cottages

Woodland Case Study - Coed Llandegla, commercial forestry and mountain biking on a grand scale