How to Book

We are excited to announce we have a brand-new booking system for our events. This is to help make us more efficient and make booking onto our events easier for you!

We created this page as your guide to help you.

Here’s 7 simple steps on how to enter an event:

  1. You will need to login to your personal account
  • if you haven’t logged in before, click ‘Don’t have an account?’
  • if you have forgotten your password, click ‘Reset password?’
  1. Once logged in, click ‘Personal Account’. You will now be on your personal profile
  2. Click the ‘Events’ tab on the left-hand side
  3. Click ‘Enter’ on the event you wish to register on to
  4. Click on the ‘Next’ button, ‘Add’ yourself to the event and click ‘Next’
  5. Complete the form and select ‘Done’
  6. The entry will now show as ‘Complete’ and you will receive a confirmation email

Here's a short video to help you. 

If you’re still struggling, please contact us either via email or feel free to give us a call 020 7976 3914.