Making sure the sugar tax is effective

The Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) is now active and revenue raised from the tax is being spent on helping pupils get active. 

Commenting on the Soft Drinks Industry Levy (SDIL) coming into effect, Emma Boggis, CEO of the Sport and Recreation Alliance said: “The sugar tax promises to benefit children and young people across the nation and it’s important that the narrative today isn’t just about nutrition but also about how sport and recreation can contribute to the childhood obesity epidemic our country is facing. Government has made promises to use funds raised from the sugar tax to help children and young people lead an active and healthy lifestyle by investing in school sport and physical activity. The importance now is that these promises are kept, and any revenue is protected so that as many children as possible can be active in their schools.   

“Government must make sure that the deliverers of school sport and physical activity have the support and guidance they need to be able to use the investment from the sugar tax in the most effective way. 

“Providing young people with a positive environment in sport and recreation can contribute to encouraging them to lead an active lifestyle on a more regular basis and we want government to extend its commitment from the levy – irrespective of the total raised – to cover the lifetime of parliament to 2022.”