Government cross-department working must lead to tangible outcomes

Sporting Futures ()

Alliance responds to ‘Sporting Future’ report by encouraging government to make sure cross-department working delivers positive and tangible physical activity outcomes

We welcome the Government’s commitment to report on progress on implementing its ‘Sporting Future’ strategy and the opportunity this presents to highlight the hard work undertaken by the sector over the last year across a whole range of issues. As the report highlights performance at the elite level remains strong.

As well as commenting on the work of others it is good that the Government has reported on progress on its own actions. We welcome the recognition of the importance of continuing to drive cross-government working and the progress that has been made in influencing strategies from other government departments but the focus must now be on delivering specific outcomes as a result of this. The Childhood Obesity Strategy is an example of where, despite some progress, the physical activity recommendations are yet to come to fruition 18 months on from the publication of the strategy and although the report highlights an additional £100M into the Healthy Pupil Capital Programme, it fails to reference that this is over £300M less than was originally announced. If we are to address the huge challenge of obesity it is clear that government needs to further prioritise continued investment into physical activity and sport.

The Sporting Future Second Annual Report is available here.