Alliance calls for extra support for the self-employed

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The Sport and Recreation Alliance is urging the government to respond to calls for additional support for self-employed workers, a request we highlighted at a meeting with the Secretary of State for DCMS last week.

Lisa Wainwright, CEO of the Alliance, said: “We are speaking regularly with our members to guide them, support them and to listen to their concerns.

“One of the reoccurring themes is the question of how our sport and recreation clubs could survive with so many of them relying upon self-employed coaches, teachers and support staff.

“In fact, several organisations I have spoken to have indicated that without additional support, we could see thousands of clubs close due to increasing financial uncertainty.

“This was an issue I raised as a matter of urgency directly to the Secretary of State and Sports Minister, on behalf of the sector.

“The workforce in sport includes almost 100,000 self-employed individuals and they must be protected.

“That is why we’re calling on government to protect the livelihoods of individuals and provide a greater chance for our sport and recreation clubs to continue to prosper.

“This of course is just one concern facing the sector at present, and we will continue to support our members in every possible way to make sure that they are fit for the future in these uncertain times.

“We are constantly reviewing and updating our Coronavirus Support guidance which provides the latest assistance for our members.

“The Alliance will be beside these organisations, who provide essential sport and physical activity to bring communities together, for the long run.”


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