Sport and Recreation Alliance gets more sports on the telly

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is delighted to announce that it has helped some sports in its membership secure valuable terrestrial TV coverage.  

Your Sport, a series of short shows produced in conjunction with the Media Trust, started broadcasting this weekend (30 October) and is the fruition of many years of exploratory work with broadcasters by the Sport and Recreation Alliance. Working with the Media Trust, the Alliance has provided funding to commission a series of three, five and 10 minute shows to be shown on FIVE which will feature many sporting and recreational activities which would otherwise rarely feature on TV.

Sport and Recreation Alliance Chief Executive Tim Lamb is pleased that the organisation has been able to win this valuable exposure for its members. He said, “As we make the transition from the CCPR to the Sport and Recreation Alliance, we are keen to highlight the enormous diversity of sporting activity in the UK. Indeed with over 320 national and representative members, we believe one of the major strengths of sport and recreation in the UK is the vast range of activities on offer. At a time when government investment in sport is reducing, we hope that Your Sport will help to show the public the participation opportunities which still remain available to them whether that's staples such as football, rugby or swimming or less well-known but equally exciting activities like roller hockey or mountain boarding.”

James Stibbs, Head of Communications at the Sport and Recreation Alliance added:
“It has been a pleasure to work with The Media Trust and be able to produce this initial series of shows. We were overwhelmed by the number of applications we received from our members and it was amazing to see the quality and sheer amount of high-level sport and recreation which national governing bodies up and down the country are organising week-in, week-out. We hope to use this initial cohort of short programmes as a springboard to further opportunities to feature the activities of more and more of our members.”

Four activities will be initially featured: roller hockey, mountain boarding, rugby league and gliding. A second series of activities will be shown in November.

Full broadcasting details are available below:

Monday 1 November
Mountain-Boarding (5’ version) 04:55
Saturday 6 November
Rugby League (3’ version) 10:00
Sunday 7 November
Rugby League (5’ version) 04:55
Monday 8 November
Gliding (5’ version) 04:55
Tuesday 9 November
Roller Hockey (3’ version) 05:05
Wednesday 10 November
Mountain-Boarding (3’ version) 05:05
Thursday 11 November
Rugby League (3’ version) 05:05
Friday 12 November
Gliding (3’ version) 05:55

Further scheduling for November and December will be announced when it is confirmed.

For further information please contact Richard Norman or James Stibbs.

More information on the Media Trust.