Sport and Recreation Alliance celebrates first success!

The Sport and Recreation Alliance celebrates its first triumph today as the campaign to move the clocks forward an hour all year round - and align our waking hours to the sunlit hours - took a significant step forward.

The Lighter Later Campaign, supported by the Sport and Recreation Alliance, is supporting a private members bill tabled by Rebecca Harris MP which asks the Government to conduct a review into what the change would mean for the UK. The campaign is supported by a range of interests, including those from the tourism industry, from safety and community groups, from transport organisations, from environmentalists - and the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

The benefit for our members is that people do most of their sporting and recreational activity after school and after work - and that an extra hour of sunlight at the end of the day, rather than the beginning, would encourage much more activity. It would also reduce the need for expensive floodlighting and allow more activity to take place in areas which haven't got floodlights.

The Bill today overcame a significant hurdle when it passed a second reading vote in parliament. It will now be discussed by MPs in a committee and although there are several milestones still to pass, this is a great achievement for the campaign - most private member bills don't make it past this stage.

To find out more about the campaign, contact James Stibbs.