Passion for women’s sport

Anabel Sexton on why her sport and active wear brand has set the goal of giving back to women’s grassroots sport. 

Like many of us working in the sport and recreation sector, I am passionate about getting people up and active, and in particular encouraging more women to get involved in physical activity. That’s why, when I established Boudavida, a sport and active wear brand, I set an ambitious goal to raise over £50,000 for grassroots women’s sport in the first year.

It’s a sad fact that of all the commercial money invested in to sport in the UK, only 0.4% goes in to the women’s sector. And, with only 7% of all sport media coverage dedicated to women you can understand why there is a lack of interest from sponsors.

Unfortunately, without media coverage, sponsors will not invest in women’s sport. This leaves female participants unable to follow their dreams and therefore, various sports are without professional female role models to inspire the next generation.

I am particularly determined that we make a difference and that is why 5% of all sales will go directly to grassroots sport projects, female athletes at local community level and campaigns that are working to make sure that women have the opportunity to be active.

We want to encourage all women to be brave, bold and active. Whilst there has been progress, it is still a shocking fact that there are less women playing sport each week compared to men. So to kick-start our campaign, we have selected three causes that represent exactly who we want to reach, to receive our first funding.

These include:

·        Mini Mermaids Running Club UK – a programme which increases young girls’ self-confidence through exercise

·        Lauren Dolan – the 16-year-old West County cyclist is already making her mark on the junior cycling scene

·        Girls Golf Rocks – an initiative led by girls from county squads which encourages beginners aged 5-18 to learn and play golf in a fun and engaging way

Our journey with these causes doesn’t just stop when we give our donation and I am really excited to hear about the impact the money will make on all of the individuals involved. We will also be looking to the future, so if you know any campaigns that you think are worthy to receive funding then get in touch here.

Boudavida has launched an initial 12-piece line that brings function and fashion together to help women feel confident and comfortable when they exercise. For more information or to view the Boudavida range, visit: