Microsoft clarify availability of product discounts for sports organisations

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Alliance partner Microtrading has received clarification from Microsoft on the eligibility of sports organisations to qualify for heavy discounts for their cloud based services and software, such as Office 365.

The senior management team at Microsoft has shared the following statement with Microtrading which outlines which types of sports organisation qualify for product discounts under the Microsoft not-for-profit scheme.

“For sports organisations, we only support true amateur sports organisations, so any organisation that sponsors national competitions or is involved in professional development (like Olympic Associations, national governing bodies like USA Soccer, and professional sports leagues) are ineligible.

“Ineligible: Those who are paid athletes or activities that support the sponsorship of professional competitions. Organisations like the Olympic Associations should not fall under amateur sports, and have done so incorrectly in the past. Microsoft’s intent is to distinguish amateur from professional based on an organisation’s involvement in: Olympic training or preparation, role as a national governing board for the sport, or sponsorship of national or international competitions.”

Further detail on the Microsoft eligibility guidelines is available here.

More information on Microtrading is available here.