A Leadership Convention for change

Emma Boggis, Chief Executive of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, blogs about the upcoming Leadership Convention and the thinking behind its theme, programme and speakers this year.

I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said a lot has changed over the last year in the sport and recreation sector. This time last year we were anticipating the November 2015 spending review and the upcoming Government strategy. As we build to this year’s Leadership Convention on 2-3 November in Manchester, we have had almost a year to digest and reflect on the new vision of what a successful and thriving sport and recreation sector should look like from the Government’s perspective as defined in Sporting Future and earlier this year by Sport England in Towards an Active Nation.

Responding to changes in the external environment is just one of the many challenges for those in leadership positions and I think we will all agree that one of the hardest parts of the role can be leading an organisation through change. That is why this year's Leadership Convention programme will give you the chance to work on four areas of change we know are relevant to you.

Whilst we know what we need to do might be set out in the new strategies, how we as leaders need to act is often a much more personal matter which is why we have inspirational speakers from business, academia and technology that will help you learn how to spot the challenges you face and then how to tackle them. They will share their insight on how to identify what change is needed, how to deliver it and how your personal leadership style can help make this a more positive experience.

So we will definitely be aiming to inspire you – but we also want you to go away equipped to put into practice some of the things you will hear.  So there will SPORT Talk sessions this year – which are our sporty-versions of a TED Talk - where you will hear from leaders in the sport and recreation sector. They will share how they have implemented change in their organisations and what they have learned – which will hopefully help you decide how best to approach it in yours.

Manging change is hard work and strong leadership will help you make the impact you need. But you don’t have to do it alone – the Leadership Convention brings together the leadership of the sector, and with that comes support. As well as the networking opportunities at the event, which we know many of you highly value, this year we are also launching an event app so you are able to chat about common challenges, talk about ways to wrestle them and with any luck, learn from your peers that have ‘been there, done that’, both before, during and after the Convention itself.

So I hope I have wetted your appetite and you will be wanting to join us this year. Tickets are now available and I look forward to seeing you in Manchester.

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