2011 Sports Club Survey

From today, 8 March, the Sport and Recreation Alliance will be surveying sports clubs i...

Help us save your clubs money! 

From today, 8 March, the Sport and Recreation Alliance will be surveying sports clubs in the UK to assess their financial health, just as we did in 2009. 

The information gained from the survey will support our lobbying work and allows us to campaign on behalf of national governing bodies (NGBs) and sports clubs on a wide range of issues including: 
  • reduced rates of VAT for clubs 
  • lower utility bills 
  • alcohol licensing costs 
  • music licensing costs 
  • drainage charges 
  • Gift Aid
  • improvements to the CASC scheme
  • access to facilities. 
Good quality data is essential if we are to carry weight with politicians.   
This survey really makes a difference. Previous data has allowed us to lobby against new proposals for increased water rates, providing a saving of between £15m and £24m per year for the sector as a whole.
We need our members to help to reach as many of their clubs as possible with this survey, so that the Sport and Recreation Alliance can campaign effectively on behalf of the sport and recreation sector.
As a thank you, NGBs whose clubs provide over 30 responses to the survey will receive a sport-specific report on the findings. This is an excellent opportunity to receive some research for free! To incentivise clubs, completed surveys will be entered into a draw to win one of a number of prizes including - a club session with an expert who will advise on reducing bills and provide money-saving tips, and two tickets to the Wimbledon Championships.
Please promote the survey to your clubs via email, newsletters, your website and Twitter. We have provided template documents for each medium which include links to the survey. If you have any questions or would like alternative templates, please contact the Research and Evidence Officer at the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Syann Cox
Thank you for helping us to make things better for all our clubs!

2011 Sport and Recreation Alliance Sports Clubs Survey