Physical activity – a critical piece in obesity jigsaw

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The Health and Social Care Committee published Childhood obesity: Time for action yesterday, the Alliance comments on the report.

Commenting on the report, James Allen, Director of Policy, Governance and External Affairs at the Sport and Recreation Alliance said: “Childhood obesity is one of society’s great challenges and so we welcome this report. However, while a focus on calorie reduction is clearly an important part of any solution, we believe a more holistic approach is required. Physical activity must be a part of the solution, particularly in establishing healthy, balanced and sustainable habits from an early age. 

“It's encouraging that the Committee has echoed our view that revenue generated from the Soft Drink Industry Levy (SDIL) should be directed towards the improvement of children’s health. We again call on government to reconsider its decision to divert SDIL revenue into the core schools budget. The decision to cut funding for the Healthy Capitals Pupils Fund (HPCF) by £315 million and reducing investment earmarked for school sport and healthy living initiatives is a false economy. 

“We look forward to seeing the second chapter of the government’s childhood obesity plan in the coming months and hope that the current recommendations aimed at physical activity are implemented.” 


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