The sports programme saving lives

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We caught up with Marek Hyde on how Derby County Community Trust's Active Choices programme has helped save his life.

Marek Hyde, 26, from Spondon joined the programme back in April 2016 following a referral from Jericho House, a residential addiction recovery project. The project works closely with the Community Trust, supporting service users in achieving the highest quality of life.

Since joining Marek has become fitter, more active and even stopped smoking. He has also found full-time employment and completed a Sports Leadership qualification in partnership with the Street Football Association.

Check out Marek's story below.

Active Choices were winners of last year's Professional Community Programme Award. Their personalised prevention programme considers a person’s health status, lifestyle and personal preferences. it provides support in the recovery and community integration of people who use Class A drugs and those misusing alcohol.

The programme works with referrals from Derby Drug and Alcohol Services as well as offering closed group support with partners such as YMCA, Aspire, Faith Hope Enterprise, Jericho House and Studio House – which then link in with the wider community programme.

It has helped over 700 people with drug and alcohol problems to turn their lives around since 2013, which has given them the opportunity to receive one-to-one support and take part in worthwhile activities at a critical point in their recovery.