Roehampton Club brings rackets and maths together to inspire the next generation

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Following the launch of our #RightToBeActive campaign at the Sport Summit, we caught up with the Roehampton Club and their successful programme Rackets Cubed, which uses both sport and education to improve children’s physical and mental health.


The Roehampton Club provides opportunities for the local community to learn racquet sports and education. The Rackets Cubed programme founded in 2017 was first hosted at the Roehampton Club and is designed to make a difference to the children in the local area.

Developed from the pioneering programme at the Wimbledon Club, Squash Squared, the Rackets Cubed programme wanted to show clubs that a simple and effective programme could work for Squash, Tennis and Table Tennis.  It is dedicated to giving children the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential, improve their physical and mental health and to aim high in all aspects of their daily lives.


Rackets Cubed serves over 150 primary school children from Sacred Heart Roehampton, Alton, Heathmore and Ellingham Schools in south-west London. It strives to provide them with significant complementary extra-curricular support. The programme runs three sessions per week. On Monday and Wednesday, they offer squash, maths and an evening meal, and on Friday afternoon tennis and maths. Following the successes at the Roehampton club, the programme now runs at Reeds School, the National Tennis Centre and at Roehampton University.

The programme focuses on improving classroom achievement, learning a new sporting skill and being active to achieve clear goals. To help support every child’s development, the programme combines physical activity with education; as youngsters learn maths and the benefits of healthy nutrition. The project targets disadvantaged communities and often provides the only ‘healthy’ meal the children receive that day or week.

Research has suggested children who are active will have a higher school achievement and that nutritious foods improve classroom behaviour. While, disadvantaged children are less likely to take part in physical activity outside of school.

The aim of the programme is to provide every child with the same chance regardless of their background and provides work experience opportunities which has shown to increase the likelihood of future employment.

Marc Newey CEO of the Roehampton Club commented on the success of the Rackets Cubed programme:

“Rackets Cubed is a fantastic initiative that Roehampton Club is very proud to host. Our members wanted to give something back to the local community and being the premier sports club in West London we are pleased to be able to encourage the local school children to enjoy the best squash and tennis tuition as well as improve their maths. Though I think the nutritious tea we provide is the most popular aspect for the kids! To see the smiles on the faces of the kids, coaches and the teachers makes it all worthwhile and Roehampton Club is pleased to continue its support.”

To find about more about the Rackets Cubed programme, please click here.

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