• Brexit update - Where are we now?

    2020 has already thrown up so many challenges that have unexpectedly impacted the sport and recreation sector.

    Published 01 July 2020, Brexit
  • Brexit: What happens now?

    Following the 2019 General Election and the passing of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill into law, the UK will now leave the European Union (EU) at 11pm on Friday 31 January.

    Published 30 January 2020, Brexit
  • Brexit preparedness Q&A

    With the conversation around Brexit moving all the time, the Sport and Recreation Alliance has pulled together the below to provide guidance to our members on several frequently asked questions.

    Published 24 September 2019, Brexit
  • Brexit Member Update

    Brexit has dominated the UK political landscape in the last few months and Theresa May has not been able to get her Withdrawal Agreement through Parliament.

    Published 29 March 2019, Brexit
  • The Political Year Ahead

    The Sport and Recreation Alliance's Parliamentary and Policy Officer, Ryan McCullough looks ahead at what could be in store in Westminster for 2019.

    Published 09 January 2019, Brexit
  • Brexit: A tricky trade-off for the sports sector?

    After the Prime Minister announced her plans for what Britain might look like after Brexit, Leigh Thompson considers what this could mean for trade in sports goods and services. 

    Published 19 January 2017, Brexit