• Alliance appoint new Elected Director

    Paralympic Champion and Chair of the British Paralympic Association Athletes Commission, Helene Raynsford will become an Elected Director at the Sport and Recreation Alliance following a member vote.

    Published 22 June 2018, Governance
  • Are you on board with youth boards?

    Today we are launching Young Board Members (YBM) in collaboration with the Youth Sport Trust. YBM is a report designed to help organisations engage with their young stakeholders and showcase great practice form across the sector.

    Published 13 June 2018, Governance
  • Wembley stadium: a national asset or a symbol of the wider challenges facing governing bodies?

    Policy Manager Leigh Thompson looks at The Football Association’s proposed sale of Wembley Stadium and asks whether it highlights a much wider challenge facing all governing bodies to become fit for the future.

    Published 11 May 2018, Governance
  • Are organisational values just pointless business buzzwords?

    Organisations spend a lot of time (and money) defining their organisational values. But what’s the value in values? Rob Tate explains why values, when implemented properly, contribute to positive culture and performance gains.

    Published 20 April 2018, Governance
  • Andrew Moss appointed to new term as Chairman

    Andrew Moss was re-appointed as Chairman on 6 February 2018 after joining the board as our first independent chair in January 2016.

    Published 04 April 2018, Governance
  • Another reminder of why good governance matters.

    Yesterday saw the publication of the Select Committee report on Doping in Sport. Emma Boggis, CEO of the Sport and Recreation Alliance, reminds us why good governance is so important. 

    Published 06 March 2018, Governance
  • Is your organisation aiming for gold standard governance?

    Marianna Sikorowska, Governance Officer at the Alliance, introduces a new Benchmarking Tool which aims to help signatories of The Principles of Good Governance assess their standard of governance.

    Published 05 February 2018, Governance
  • Three key governance focuses for 2018

    Governance in sport was a hot topic in 2017, not least because of the launch and implementation of Sport England and UK Sport’s A Code for Sports Governance and the re-launch of the Alliance’s Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation.

    Whilst we don’t expect governance to be any less important in 2018, we do think there will be some new areas of focus. The Alliance’s Governance Manager, Rob Tate, highlights the three areas he thinks will be increasingly important moving forward. 

    Published 15 January 2018, Governance
  • What does good governance look like?

    Governance means different things to different people and no two organisations will have the same approach to good governance.

    Published 03 January 2018, Governance
  • Putting board effectiveness on your priority list

    Seamus Gillen, Founder and Director of Value Alpha, an advisory firm focused on the links between governance and performance, explains why he believes sport and recreation boards operate differently to other sectors.

    Published 07 November 2017, Governance