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  • Organisation: English Ice Hockey Association
  • Closing Date: 03 January 2024 | Board & Executive


The English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA) is the National Governing Body for ice hockey in England and Wales. Ice hockey has been played in England and Wales since the early years of the 20th century; Britain was a founder member in 1908 of the world governing body, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF)

The EIHA is responsible for promoting and developing the sport of ice hockey at all levels from grassroots through to the England talent pathway and in turn, passing prospective medallists on to Team GB

The EIHA boasts a membership of over 450 clubs and in addition, 10,000 competitive players, coaches and officials. The sport has an impressive track record of delivering programmes and activity in local communities that have real impact.

The organisation is also responsible for the development of coaching and officiating programmes and the safety and welfare of its members through child protection and safeguarding and compliance.


  • Review the EIHA’s governance, risk management and internal control framework across the whole of the organisation’s activities that supports the achievement of EIHA’s strategic objectives
  • Ensure there is an effective internal audit function that meets mandatory standards and provides appropriate independent assurance to the committee, Head of Operations and EIHA Board
  • Review the work and findings of the external auditor and consider the implications and management’s responses to their work.
  • Ensure the EIHA has an effective risk management strategy and that a review of the main risks managed by the executive is undertaken annually to support the governance assurance statement and the annual report
  • Review anti-fraud policies, whistle-blowing processes and arrangements for special investigations.



  • The EIHA Board
  • Head of Operations
  • Internal committees


  • Able to demonstrate an understanding of the governance role, legal duties, liabilities and responsibilities of both the Committee and EIHA’s Board.
  • Experience of working at a senior level in either a commercial, professional partnership or public-sector environment.
  • A strong environmental and strategic awareness and ability to identify emerging external factors that may impact on strategy implementation or plans.
  • A commitment EIHA’s mission and values.
  • Able to work well as part of a diverse team.
  • A good communicator with excellent leadership and interpersonal skills, objective and independent and able to challenge supportively.
  • An interest in sport and a willingness to learn about the context in which the EIHA operate.
  • Free from any close connection to the EIHA or any other wider sporting landscape partner (including the National Governing Bodies for sports) and who, from the perspective of an objective outsider, would be viewed as independent.
  • Able and willing to devote the necessary time to the role.



  • Out of pocket expenses will be covered, in line with the EIHA Expenses Policy


  • Attendance at all committee meetings to be held at least three times a year.
  • Attendance at working groups as and when necessary.
  • Attendance at Annual General Meeting and General Meeting


Appointment to the Committee shall be for periods of up to three years ordinarily from

1 August in any year, with an aggregate maximum term of six years. If a Council or

Board member of the Committee is removed from their position on the Board or Council,

they may at the discretion of the Board remain on the Committee for an interim period

until a successor is appointed.

The Board may agree to extend the term limit of a member of the Committee if it

believes that it is in the interests of the EIHA to do so.


Send a CV (including contact details) and covering letter, detailing the relevant skills, knowledge and experience you have in relation to subject matters to:

Closing date for applications: 3 January 2023


We, at the English Ice Hockey Association (EIHA), are committed to providing an environment which seeks to encourage an open and diverse community. This is reflected in our values and behaviours where we respect the rights and dignity of all people whatever their background. We believe that people from different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas, thinking and approaches which make the way work is undertaken more effective and efficient.

By consistently living our values we seek to eliminate those things that undermine or are harmful to anyone involved in the activities of the EIHA. We therefore believe that unlawful discrimination, intimidation, or harassment of anyone connected with the EIHA, specifically related to their race, religion or belief, age, gender reassignment, sex, sexual orientation, disability, marital or partnership status or maternity and pregnancy cannot be tolerated. In addition, we strive to advance equality of opportunity and foster good relations between all people within the EIHA. As an organisation we will provide an environment where people can address and debate differences and constantly reflect on practices.


The EIHA aspire to be recognised by our communities and nationally, as an organisation that leads the way in publicly promoting the value of diverse cultures and our belief that these different experiences make our organisation a better place to play the sport, we all love.

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