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Facility Development Officer

  • Location: North West
  • Organisation: Manchester FA
  • Salary: £24,500-£30,500
  • Closing Date: 27 June 2022 | Events & Operations

Role Purpose

- To support delivery of The FA Grassroots Football Strategy and the Manchester FA Business Strategy
- To support the delivery of MCRactive Capital programme for Football Facilities as highlighted in the PPS & LFFP
- To ensure that every affiliated football fixture is played on a ‘good’ quality pitch
- To identify and activate priority projects for Football Foundation investment via Local Football Facility Plans
- To protect existing football facilities from planning application
- To contribute to the effective implementation of The FA’s Safeguarding Operating Standard for County FAs
- To support the adoption of FA technology systems across grassroots football
- To comply with FA rules, regulations, policies, procedures and guidance that are in place from time to time
- To support in achieving The FA National Game Strategy (2021-24) KPI of Number of good quality pitches by supporting the roll out of the resource available from the Football Foundation via the Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund
-To support strategic work such as Local Facility Plans and Playing Pitch Strategies in order to protect and promote existing football provision and ensure new development does not prejudice its use


Facility Development:
- Support delivery of all activities that ensure every affiliated football fixture is played on a ‘good’ quality pitch including the use of PitchPower and the Hive Groundskeepers Community
- Track the quantity and quality of football pitches and ground locations for affiliated fixtures
- Ensure that the outcomes of each facility project are aligned to the National Football Facility Strategy (NFFS) and the FA’s Grassroots Football Strategy
- Activate grass pitch and smaller projects from Local Football Facility Plans
- Support the delivery of support days to each Football Foundation applicant around the Grass Pitch Improvement Programme and Small Grants Programme
- Support applicants to develop their football development plans to enable them to apply successfully for funding
- Oversee a database of local funding sources that clubs and leagues can apply for funding from
- Oversee the support days to monitor and evaluate previously-funded Football Foundation projects and provide guidance to ensure they are successful
- Develop collaborative working partnerships with local authorities, clubs, leagues, schools and other facility providers
- To support MCRActive in developing a portfolio of small sided facilities through the Football Foundations PlayZone programme
- To have dedicated time accounted for MCRactive and the activation of their capital projects as agreed by MFA and MCRactive staff
- Promote The FA technical guidance documents to local authorities, clubs, leagues, schools and other facility providers
- Ensure contract agreements are in place with all contractors (facility hire, consultants etc.) and that these outline the requisite safeguarding responsibilities and accountabilities for all parties

- Collaborate with the Designated Safeguarding Officer in all matters involving under-18s and adults at risk within male football development programmes.
- Risk-assess all Manchester FA events and activity for under-18s and where the Manchester FA directly employs or deploys under-18 referees, coaches and volunteers to ensure that appropriate safeguards are in place.
- Support messaging so that under-18s and adults at risk in youth and open-age adult grassroots football know how to report concerns about their wellbeing.
- Listen to and consult with under-18s on their experiences of grassroots football as part of the Manchester FA youth engagement strategy.
- Utilise the feedback from under-18s and adults at risk to enhance the experience and fun and safety in grassroots football.
- Contribute to ensuring that safeguarding and equality are embedded throughout the Manchester FA and grassroots football.

Running the Game:
- Provide the highest level of customer excellence to support volunteers across all FA Technology systems (FA Events, Whole Game System, Matchday app and Full-Time)
- Execute tasks as required to meet the Manchester FA changing priorities

Person Specification


  • Educated to A Level or equivalent
  • Ability to work strategically with partner organisations across different sectors to plan and deliver football programmes
  • Project management skills and experience – to plan, set and achieve objectives to deadlines
  • Excellent IT skills, including the use of Microsoft Office applications
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Excellent time management and prioritisation skills
  • Excellent problem-solving and decision- making skills
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills. Exceptional customer service
  • Budget management skills
  • Report-writing skills
  • Ability to use data to monitor and evaluate programmes
  • Practical experience of sports / football / facility development
  • Demonstrate a working knowledge of inclusion, equality, anti-discrimination and safeguarding
  • Knowledge of the structure and partner organisations within football, nationally and within the County FA locality


  • A qualification in sports development or similar
  • Practised at developing networks and relationships with a variety of stakeholders in order to support the delivery of strategic priorities
  • Previous experience of developing capital sports projects
  • Previous experience of successfully applying for funding for a project
  • Previous experience of advising or guiding on a project in a team environment
  • Capability to create multiple reports, budgets and plans
  • Knowledge of The FA’s Grassroots Football Strategy and the National Facility Strategy Experience of project management
  • Experience of utilising mapping programmes to support strategic and logistical planning
  • Knowledge and understanding of working with volunteers
  • Knowledge of The FA coaching qualification framework

Application Closing Date: 27 June 2022 - 12pm

Interviews: w/c 11 July 2022

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