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Head of Performance Psychology

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Organisation: English Institute of Sport
  • Salary: £53,045 - £70,136 p.a
  • Closing Date: 01 November 2021 | Coaching & Sports Development

Role Overview

Within the EIS’ Human Performance directorate, there are 8 disciplines (Performance Psychology, Performance Analysis, Biomechanics, Performance Lifestyle, Nutrition, Physiology, Strength & Conditioning and Physiotherapy) that work in an inter-disciplinary way to deliver outstanding support that enables sports and athletes to excel at the very highest level. Our Heads of Service are the leaders of these disciplines, and they work collaboratively in the leadership of their teams to achieve the aims and ambitions of Human Performance:

We will DELIVER, quality assured, interdisciplinary support to sports and athletes so that sports can optimise their performance plans and athletes receive holistic support 

We will DEVELOP the world’s best practitioners and practice so that we deliver outstanding support to sports and athletes, Enabling practitioners to be the best version of themselves. 

We will CONNECT as a community so that we can problem solve quickly. 

A Head of Service is a senior and experienced leader who is ultimately accountable for their discipline/professional community within the EIS. They play a critical leadership role that centers around driving practice forward - constantly creating and evolving what we do to ensure we stay highly relevant, developing identity and purpose - nurturing shared understanding to foster inclusivity and belonging, and skillful day to day management of people and operational functions related to the disciplines/professional communities. Heads of Service do this as a part of a passionate collective in a highly collaborative way to ensure that Human Performance is as impactful for the sports, athletes and practitioners as possible.

The Head of Performance Psychology leads the delivery of performance psychology services to Olympic and Paralympic Sports. Ensuring the service provided is of the highest standard and meets the present and emerging needs of sports and athletes. The role will ensure practitioners are developed and come together as a community to solve performance problems at speed.

Key Responsibilities

The Head of Psychology is responsible for the delivery of high quality, cutting edge performance psychology services which includes:

  • Ensure EIS has a clear model of Performance Psychology which is specific to the needs of Olympic and Paralympic sports and be able to communicate this in an effective way to Olympic and Paralympic sports who currently use EIS and services and to those who do not.
  • Work with Heads of Performance Support within sports to apply Performance Psychology to the sports specific context.
  • Working with independent regulatory bodies to ensure discipline standards are at the highest level. This may include working with external partners to design accreditation pathways if they do not currently exist.
  • Working with the Technical Leads on the personal development, safeguarding and welfare of all practitioners.
  • Working with the Technical Leads on the technical development and progression of practitioners.

The role will be part of the Human Performance leadership group (made up of the Director of Human Performance and all Heads of Service (HoS)). This group meets on a regular basis and is accountable for the development and delivery of the Human Performance strategy.

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The deadline for receipt of applications is midnight on Monday 1 November 2021. 

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