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UK IWG Bid Steering Group Consultant

  • Organisation: Sport and Recreation Alliance
  • Salary: Indicative Contract Value is £10,000
  • Contract: Fixed to 31 March 2021
  • Closing Date: 17 September 2020 | Governance

The Sport and Recreation Alliance is currently coordinating the UK’s bid to host the International Working Group (henceforth referred to as the IWG) for the Women in Sport Secretariat (2022 – 2026) and the World Conference (2026). As part of the preparation for this work, the Alliance has established a ‘steering group’ of leading members from the UK’s sport sector, including those representing national sports councils, major governing bodies, QUANGOs, charities and other partners to drive the direction and progress of the bid forward. 

The Alliance and the steering group are seeking to commission a partner organisation, or individual, to consult with the steering group and their relevant sub-groups and to draft the non-financial content for the ‘bid book’ ready for submission to the IWG for the UK to be appointed as the Secretariat for the IWG for 2022-2026 and host of the World Conference on Women and Sport in 2026. 

The bid book will collate the key priorities and objectives for the UK’s hosting of the IWG (both Secretariat and World Conference). These priorities are likely to fall across the following priority areas: 

  • Leadership     
  • Research 
  • Value/visibility 
  • Social change 
  • Participation and engagement 

To discern the key objectives for the UK’s tenure of the IWG under the headings above, a series of webinars/workshops are being hosted by steering group members. 

Successful applications for this Invite to Tender will be required to use the outcomes of the steering group and relevant sub-groups, as well as consultations with key stakeholders and steering group members to advocate why the appointment of the UK to host the IWG secretariat between 2022 and 2026 and the World Conference on Women and Sport in 2026 would benefit: 

  • The IWG and progression toward the accomplishments of the objectives laid down in the Brighton and Helsinki Declaration;
  • The UK’s progression toward achieving equality and equity in sport;
  • The international community’s key areas for development.

Successful applicants will demonstrate:

  • A strong working knowledge of both the domestic and international key issues and challenges facing female sport;
  • A proven ability to successfully conduct and observe detailed consultations, as well as the gathering and collation of the data produced from these sessions;
  • The ability to distil the above into a document that powerfully advocates the UK's candidacy to the IWG for Women in Sport Secretariat and International conference.

How to Apply

To apply for this contract you should contact Richard Boardman at and request an Invitation to Tender document. The Invitation to Tender document is available here as a PDF. This should be submitted to by 5:00pm (BST) on Thursday 17 September 2020. 

Please send any other questions you may have to Richard Boardman at

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