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Director Member (4 opportunities)

  • Organisation: Swim England North East
  • Salary: Reasonable expenses to be paid for
  • Closing Date: 31 December 2019 | Board & Executive

Board members of Swim England North East Ltd (SENE) bring with them their personal and professional knowledge, expertise and experience in order to support SENE to achieve its key objectives. Each Board Member brings a fresh perspective and objectivity to SENE which seeks to encourage and foster a strong organisational performance, based on innovation, creativity and equality.

Individual Board Members of SENE have the following responsibilities:

1. Developing Strategy and Policy: to actively and constructively contribute to and challenge the development of strategy and policy in the sub region

2. Risk: to be satisfied that financial information is accurate and that systems of risk management are robust and defensible

3. Delegated authority: ensuring that Board Members operate within the limits of its delegated authority.

4. Monitoring performance: overseeing the work of SENE and monitoring the performance of planned areas of work against the agreed objectives and targets

5. Investment: to contribute to collective decisions on recommendations to Swim England in relation to the development and investment into aquatics in the region. 6. Advocacy: to be an advocate for sport and the work of SENE across the region at all times

7. Individual skills, knowledge and experience: Board Members are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds, including voluntary sector sport, local government, health, education, safer/stronger communities, private sector and others. They should use any specific skills, knowledge or experience they have to promote sport and in particular aquatics, improve SENE’s networks and help the board reach sound decisions

8. Specialist skills, knowledge and experience: Each Board Member will have a specific area of expertise and support role to the staff of SENE e.g. Finance.

For more information on the role and the personal specification, please see the job description. The deadline for applying is Tuesday 31st December 2019. 

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