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PR/Comms Officer

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Organisation: British Kickboxing Council
  • Salary: Currently no remuneration available
  • Closing Date: 01 September 2019 | Marketing & Communications

PR/Comms Officer 

Salary: Currently no remuneration available

Location: Nationwide

The BKC is a non-profit organisation, with a Board of Directors which consists of senior members and representatives from a variety of Kickboxing associations and an Executive Board made up of sector specialists and passionate supporters of our sport.

Our immediate goal is the recognition of Kickboxing under the Sports Councils and to gain official National Governing Body status for the BKC. To that end, we have been working for nearly 10 years to create a system of governance, guidance and support for the sport, agreeing upon its direction and development by way of democratic processes which aim to give control over the sport to the sport itself.

Job Description

As PR/Communications Officer, you will be the voice of the BKC, taking responsibility for all internal and external communications, press releases and messaging. Sitting on the Executive Board, the PR/Comms Officer will work with the team to help promote the sport, the BKC and it's many local/nationwide projects. Although the role is not completely autonomous, as decisions which impact either the sport or the BKC must be put to a vote, your voice will be heard at AGMs, EGMs and regular ongoing discussions regarding the governance of the BKC, and you will be given the chance to propose and manage your own projects.

Responsibilities Include

  • Ensuring that project progress and launches are properly communicated within the BKC and to its Members.
  • Coordinating nationwide promotional campaigns for the sport, including events, courses and participation drives.
  • Working with our existing partners to capitalise on all available communication channels and opportunities for mutual promotion.
  • Work with the Executive Board and Board of Directors to ensure that internal and external Comms are consistent, properly branded and timely.
  • Developing new partnerships with media outlets, influencers, activators and promoters (inc. our Ambassadors).
  • Researching new promotional opportunities, keeping on top of the events calendar to avoid clashes and capitalise on collaborative events.
  • Formulating, planning and delivering internal initiatives aimed at improving Comms within the sport and the BKC itself
    • This includes Board Members, Committee Members, Officials, Coaches, Athletes and Participants at all levels of the sport and across all disciplines.


  • Experience (and ideally a qualification) in a PR/Marketing role is preferred.
  • A good knowledge of the sport would also be beneficial.
  • In addition, experience of project work, creating and understanding reports is essential.

Commitment and Remuneration

All Board members (Executive, Non-Executive, Directors and Officers) volunteer what time they can. We hold a face-to-face AGM, alongside regular (at least monthly) remote meetings with members of the Board and relevant Committees. Attendance at these meetings is expected, where possible, in addition to self-managed work and coordination with other members of the BKC.

The term is 3 years, with a maximum of 3 terms for the role.There are currently no remuneration packages for any Board members or Officers of the BKC, although some expenses are covered where appropriate. As the BKC and the roles with in it grow, this policy will be reviewed.

How to apply

For more information and how to apply please email 

Closing date for applications is 1 September 2019

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