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Independent Chairperson

  • Location: Nationwide
  • Organisation: England Karate
  • Salary: Voluntary (With Expenses)
  • Closing Date: 27 February 2019 | Non Executive Director

Independent Chairperson

Time Commitment: Approximately 2-3 days per month

Remuneration: Voluntary (With Expenses)

Location: Flexible

England Karate is an organisation committed to bringing together and representing the karate community in England. The organisation’s founding objectives are:

  • To represent all aspects of karate, encouraging the continued growth and development of the sport across England.
  • To provide a structure for co-operation, quality assurance and sharing of best practice between national karate associations in England
  • To become the Sport England recognised national governing body (NGB) for the sport in England.

England Karate is in the process of being formed, following discussion between five of the largest Karate associations in the country; the Amateur Martial Association, the English Karate Federation, the Federation of English Karate Organisations, Karate England and the Karate Union of Great Britain. These organisations are the founding members of England Karate, and one of the organisation’s first priorities will be expanding the membership to include other national karate associations.

England Karate is seeking an Independent Chairperson who can support the establishment of this exciting new organisation, and provide robust leadership to formulate the organisation’s first strategy and continue building positive cooperation across the karate community.

Role Summary

  • Setting the organisation’s mission, vision, values and strategy
  • Recruiting, leading and supporting the England Karate board
  • Supporting the establishment of a new governing body, including implementation of appropriate governance and internal controls
  • Engaging karate participants to promote the growth of England Karate
  • Creating and maintaining positive and productive relationships with stakeholders
  • Provide direction and support for members and volunteers, helping them achieve the aims of the organisation.


In relation to the board:

  • Ensure England Karate pursues its core purpose as set out in the Articles as well as meeting its obligations under company law and other relevant legislation/regulations
  • Lead the development of England Karate’s strategic plans and put in place regular reviews of the long-term strategic goals.
  • Ensure England Karate’s organisational structure and capability, including the resource available, are appropriate for implementing the strategy
  • Develop organisational policies, define goals, set targets and monitor progress against these.
  • Create a strong and fulfilling working relationship with the other directors
  • Assume guardianship of the legal and financial integrity of England Karate, as required under the Companies Act (2006)
  • Set risk appetite and oversee risk strategy
  • Maintain careful oversight of any risk to reputation and/or financial standing of the organisation
  • Carry out regular evaluation of board performance
  • Ensure compliance with relevant governance requirements, including UK Sport and Sport England’s A Code for Sports Governance

In relation to England Karate stakeholders and the sport sector:

  • Represent England karate, championing the organisation and its members at appropriate events, meetings or functions
  • Build strong and dynamic relationships with England Karate’s members, understanding their diverse needs and uniting their voices
  • Actively promote the benefits of sport and recreation
  • Establish, nurture and maintain effective working relationships with stakeholders including Sport England and the Sport and Recreation Alliance

In relation to independence and England Karate:

  • The successful candidate will be expected to meet the definition of independence outlined in A Code for Sports Governance and The Principles of Good Governance in Sport and Recreation.

Person Specification

The successful candidate will be a strong leader with a thorough understanding of how sport and physical activity contributes to society and the health and wellbeing of individuals. As England Karate is a new organisation, the successful candidate will ideally be someone with experience of a new business and building a team to support it.

Previous board and chairperson experience is desirable, but applications from candidates who have not previously served in a board role but who can demonstrate the skills and competencies necessary to contribute to England Karate are welcomed.

Role Competencies

  • Demonstrates robust, collaborative leadership

Has demonstrable experience in building and leading diverse teams, and uniting teas around shared aims and values.

  • Ability to influence across the sporting landscape

Understands the sporting landscape and has the knowledge and ability to build strong relationships and navigate sporting, political and commercial environments

  • Experience in developing organisations

Demonstrable experience in supporting the establishment and growth of developing organisations

  • Thorough understanding of and ability to implement good governance

Knowledge of the principles of good governance, and how these can be applied to sport to achieve optimum performance in governing bodies; in particular the structures and procedures required for decision-making, accountability and transparency and managing conflicts of interest.

  • Awareness and understanding of board responsibilities in a small business

Has a strong understanding of the role of the board, and the board’s responsibilities with regard to governance, financial management, risk management and public accountability.

Core Competencies

  • Excellent Communication Skills

Excellent verbal and written communication skills. Communicates plans and activities in a way that promotes understanding and buy in from others, and supports England Karate strategy

  • Organisation and effective planning

Shows an ability to organise and plan work on behalf of self and others; establishing efficient and appropriate plan of action for the board in line with agreed actions and strategies

  • Ability to develop and maintain effective professional relationships with a variety of stakeholders

Understands the importance of building effective relationships, and demonstrates an ability to develop and maintain strong, collaborative professional relationships with a range of stakeholders.

  • Flexibility

Open to change, and capable of adapting plans and behaviour to account for changes to circumstance or new information. Reacts rapidly to new situations or unexpected obstacles warranting attention.

  • Can operate comfortably in different cultural situations

Understands the importance of personal and organisational values, and demonstrates an ability to adapt to different situations and circumstances

  • Independence and objectivity

Demonstrates a clear ability to operate with an independent and objective mindset in the best interests of England Karate, including during board discussion and interactions with stakeholders.

How to apply

Applications should be sent to

The deadline for applications is Friday, 22 February 2019 

Interviews will take place on Thursday, 14 March 2019. Please submit a CV with supporting covering letter which demonstrates your suitability for the role.

England Karate is committed to recruiting a diverse, skills-based board, and encourages applications from people from under-represented populations.

If you would like to discuss the role before applying, please contact Noel Mantock  - or Steven Coupland -

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