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Independent children and young people advisor (sport and physical activity)

  • Location: Merseyside
  • Organisation: MSP
  • Salary: Voluntary
  • Closing Date: 14 July 2017 | Policy

Independent children and young people advisor (sport and physical activity)


Group member should either live or work within - or be in some way associated with – Merseyside.

Remuneration and Term of Office

This is a non-salaried and voluntary position. Maximum of 3 years (annually reviewed by MSP Strategic Lead for Children and Young People and the Chair of the Strategic Group).

Time Commitment

· As a minimum, attendance and preparation for:

· An induction event.

· Four meetings of the CYP Strategic Group annually.

· Attendance at committee (or other such smaller group) meetings.

· Attendance at high profile events / networking / conference (diary permitting).

· Regular contact with the Chair of the Strategic Group and Strategic Lead for Children and Young People. 

Purpose of Role

· Provide leadership and be the public face of the Merseyside Children and Young People Strategic Group. 

· Extend the network, influence and resources of the MSP.

· Establish a high performing and continuously improving Group.

Main duties 

· Be advocates for sport and physical activity across Merseyside.

· Actively participate in policy development and strategic direction.

· Contribute to the development of common aims, joint priorities, shared commitments and realise potential funding opportunities.

· Positively promote and raise the profile of MSP.

· Monitor and evaluate the implementation of the strategy for sport and physical activity in Merseyside demonstrating positive impact in participation.

· Review performance outputs and outcomes facilitated by the Children and Young People Team

· Ensure effective communication among the networks.

· Establish task groups to work on specialist projects where necessary. 

You must be able to demonstrate through your CV at least one of the areas of expertise below:

· Marketing, promotions and creativity.

· Political influence.

· Corporate communications.

· Sports policy and development.

· Education policy and development.

· Health policy and development (physical activity-led).

· Performance, impact and improvement.

· Business / commercial.

· Enterprise / innovation.

· Strategic planning.

· Voluntary Sector.

· Local Government.

· Proven track record of leading and managing a multi-agency partnership or business.

· Proven track record in a high profile management role in the commercial, public or voluntary sectors.

· Involvement in or understanding of the development of sport and physical activity.

· Experience of strategic and business planning and review mechanisms.

· Experience of public relations and working with the media.

· Experience of the governance role of non-executive directors and committees.

Knowledge, understanding and Skills

· Understanding of local, regional and national government policy and networks relating to sport and physical activity.

· Understanding of partnership working.

· Ability to build constructive relationships.

· Ability to motivate and inspire others.

· Understanding of organisational development and planning for business growth.

· Ability to confidently present ideas and arguments and negotiate convincingly.

· Skilled communicator and negotiator.

· Ability and willingness to act as an advocate for sport to a broad audience.

· Understanding and commitment to equal opportunities and valuing diversity.

· Public respect.

· Passion for sport and physical activity.

· Independence.

· Influence and personal acumen.

· Well-connected (networks of influence).

How to apply

It’s important that the fit is right between you and the organisation – after all you’ll be spending some of your valuable time with us without pay, so you’ll want the experience to be enjoyable. We therefore ask that you take a little time to include some detail in a covering letter in addition to your CV.

Please include:

· Why you are interested in the role.

· Why you are passionate about sport and physical activity.

· The key reasons you think you are suited to the role.

Checklist for application.

· Covering letter.

· Curriculum vitae.

· Skills matrix completed.

· Declaration of Interests Form completed, scanned and attached to application email. (Please retain original hard copy for submission on reaching interview).

· Equality Profile Form scanned and attached to application email (N.B. this is for Equality monitoring purposes only and will not be used as part of the assessment for the roles).

Please send your completed applications via email with the subject line ‘FAO Calum Donnelly – CYP Strategic Group application’ to

Closing date for applications is Friday 14 July 2017 at 5pm

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