Governance training programme

Our Governance Training Programme will offer you expert guidance and training around The Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation and has been developed by the in-house Alliance Governance team  for our members and specifically for the sector. 

The programme will use knowledge within the sector and will also look to experts from the corporate world to provide examples and guidance. The workshops and webinars will give you the tools and support you need to implement change within your organisation and to take the important next steps on your journey towards achieving a gold standard of governance.

There are a variety of ways you can make sure you are part of the programme.  There will be a range of workshops, such as Director Training, webinars and podcasts. All which will get you thinking about your own organisation's practices.  

Interested in getting a gold medal in governance? Check out the Governance Training Programme:

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  • Director training – Our next workshop is on 8 February 2018. These workshops will equip Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) and aspiring NEDs with the skillset they need to become ‘board ready’.
  • Exploring unconscious bias 22/02/2018– Do you know what effect unconscious bias is having on your organisation? This workshop will challenge you to identify your own biases and will explore how being aware of your biases can have a positive impact on your organisation.
  • Managing risk, improving practices 15/03/2018– This workshop will talk you through the steps you should take to mitigate potential risks within your organisation. By managing these risks you will help your organisation to safeguard strategic objectives and provide continuity should you come under challenging circumstances.


All our webinars will be live and interactive, giving you the opportunity to ask our in-house Alliance Governance team questions plus other webinar participants too. As an Alliance member, you can access all of our webinars for FREE (non-members £99) and don't worry if you can't make the live discussion - we will also be providing recordings which you can view at a later date in Podcasts and Webinars.

  • Vision and mission 01/03/2017 – How do you successfully implement your vision and mission? This one-hour webinar will provide you with case studies and practical tips to support you in creating and delivering a vision and mission which defines the strategic direction of your organisation.


Our podcasts will bring together a variety of experts and Alliance members to discuss some of the most topical governance issues facing the sector. Alliance members can access these for FREE in Podcasts and Webinars. If you’re not an Alliance member you can purchase podcasts for £9.99 – contact us for more information.

  • Engaging with public policy- During this podcast we will be joined by a NGB and Government representatives to discuss the impact the political landscape has on governance within the sports sector, and why it is important for your board to consider this as part of their strategy and risk management processes.
  • Promoting gender diversity – more than ticking boxes - This podcast will support you to improve your organisations gender diversity in board and senior executive positions, as well as providing you with some practical tips to help with recruitment and induction processes.

Want to find out about Alliance membership so you can get full access to the programme? – check out our Membership pages or contact Tom, our Membership Development Officer.