Governance Training Programme

Our Governance Training Programme will offer you expert guidance and training around The Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation and has been developed by our Governance team for our members and the wider sector. The programme offers expert guidance and training around a wide range of governance issues.

The programme uses knowledge within the sector and also looks to experts from the corporate world and beyond to provide examples and guidance. The workshops and webinars will give you the tools and support you need to implement change within your organisation and to take the important next steps on your journey towards achieving a gold standard of governance.

We offer  tailored  support, guidance and training in a range of formats, including one-to-one consultancy,  workshops  and  web-based resources. Different organisations will have  different needs,  but  the  range  of  support  available  to  help  implement  The Principles  means  any interested organisation  can  access  the  support  they require, for more information take a look at our Governance Services brochure, email or give us a call on 0207 9763 900.

For current availability of our Director Training Workshop please check our training and events page.

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