Pro-Bono Fund

The Pro-Bono Fund brokers free legal advice from the Legal Panel Framework firms to national governing bodies (NGBs) and sport and recreation organisations.

Each firm on the panel has committed to provide up to £5,000 worth of free advice per year to the sport and recreation sector.

Who is eligible to apply to the Fund?

Organisations must meet the following criteria to be eligible to apply for the pro-bono fund:

  • The organisation must have a turnover of less than £1,500,000.00 million (this is inclusive of grant income).
  • The organisation must have no paid legal staff.
  • The organisation must be a member of the Sport and Recreation Alliance and/or be a national governing body funded by UK Sport, Sport England, Sport Wales or Sport Northern Ireland.

Please Note: Organisations who meet the eligibility criteria are not automatically entitled to an award from the fund. Decisions to make an award are at the discretion of the collaborators (Sport England, UK Sport, the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sport Wales and Sport Northern Ireland).

What areas of law will the Fund be able to assist you with?

Small NGBs and sport and recreation organisations who meet the eligibility criteria will be able to apply to the fund for free legal assistance with the following areas of law:

  1. Charity & Trust Law including CASC registration
  2. Child Protection/Vulnerable Groups (DBS, Protection of Freedoms Act)
  3. Simple Contracts/Grant Agreements
  4. Corporate Law/Governance/Constitutional Affairs
  5. Employment Law
  6. Insolvency Law
  7. Property Law (such as leases, licences and security of tenure)
  8. With prior approval of the Collaborators, any area of law not set out in a-g.


Please note: The pro-bono fund will not be available for assistance with disputes or contentious matters and organisations will only be eligible to receive one successful application per year.

How do you apply to the Fund?

Access to the free legal assistance is managed through a central application route coordinated by the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

Once an application is successful, the Legal Panel Framework firms are contacted to confirm who is available to provide advice on the matter.

When a firm confirms they are able to help, the Sport and Recreation Alliance puts the organisation in touch with the firm and they liaise directly with each other from that point.

A unique reference number will be given to the organisation which they must provide to the firm at the outset of the matter.

Applications to access the free legal advice must be submitted to:

To apply, organisations must download and fill in the application form which is available below and send it along with a copy of the organisation’s latest audited annual accounts, business plan or financial information.

When will you find out if your application has been successful?

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis - the timescales are outlined below. Applications received after the 20th of the month will not be considered until the following month.

Application deadline

 20th of each month

Application reviewed

 30th of each month

Decision notification

 2 weeks after 30th


Pro-Bono Fund Application Form 2020-21

Pro-Bono Fund Fact Sheet 2020-21 

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