Principle Two: Organisations’ Vision and Mission

The resources within Principle Two have been provided to help boards both identify their organisational vision, mission, and values, and create a robust strategic plan to support this.

The organisation’s vision and mission give the board a framework to develop a strategic plan that serves the organisation and delivers those objectives. The organisation’s values identify how the vision and mission should be delivered, and how representatives of the organisation should act.

The strategic plan should promote goals which are realistic yet challenging and include values based upon inclusivity and diversity. It should be created through consultation with stakeholders to ensure that everyone can input to the direction the organisation is taking and to keep the board accountable to its stakeholders. Organisations should also endeavour to consider the external environment when writing the strategic plan, since it provides opportunities for funding and collaboration, as well as potentially impacting on the organisation’s work.

The board must review the strategy and ensure that the executive team have the resources to deliver it. They should also mitigate areas of risk in the plan by implementing a comprehensive risk management process, including a regularly reviewed risk register.

Organisations with a clear and well executed strategy are more likely to achieve success. When an organisation stays focused on listening to stakeholders, they will be able to achieve their proposed goals with minimal risk.

The resources below will assist in implementing this principle.

Operational Planning

Strategic Planning

Risk Register Guidance and Template