This is a refresher course for Chairs – either experienced within, or new to, the sector – who are looking to improve their understanding of the role, and of their own performance.  The training will be discussion-led and interactive – its key features will help delegates:

  • Hone chair competences critical for leading meetings
  • Appreciate how the role of the Chair is different from that of the role of the director
  • Help the Chair improve overall board, committee and meeting effectiveness
  • Understand the Chair behaviours to display in meetings which are key to delivering effective group dynamics and high-quality decision-making
  • Facilitate effective interactions between board members
  • Maximise individual member performance
  • Deal with difficult situations, and the unique kind of challenges a sports sector chair may face.

The workshop will cover:

  • The context within which boards operate
  • A framework for decision-making
  • The role of the Chair
  • Essential components of a Chair’s role
  • What makes a good Chair
  • What gets in the way of a good meeting
  • Appropriate meeting behaviours
  • Meeting preparation – the bigger picture

Course costs:

If you would like to find out about how to become a Sport and Recreation Alliance Member and save over £70 on the cost of attending our Effective Chairing Skills workshop please contact us.


Seamus Gillen

Value Alpha Limited

Seamus runs his own governance advisory business – Value Alpha Limited – working with boards and directors around the world. His particular focus is on board and director effectiveness, strategy and risk.  He also runs a Leadership Development Programme for company secretaries.

Seamus works extensively with the sports sector.  Previous clients have included organisations such as; GreaterSport, CSP Network, International Netball Federation, Rugby Football League and many more. He works closely alongside the SRA, delivering training in various aspects of governance.