This interactive workshop will examine what makes a board effective and how you can apply best practices and behaviours to improve the performance of your board. It will look at both the board as a whole and the role of individual directors in producing an effective board.  

The workshop will cover: 

  • The key governing documents for a board; 
  • Improving your board recruitment, induction and development processes; 
  • Leadership which embeds values, cultures and behaviours within your organisation; 
  • Director competencies – getting the best team in place;
  • Case studies of good (and bad) boards;
  • Principle four and three of The Principles of Good Governance for Sport and Recreation How boards are structured and how they change and Roles and relationships in the boardroom. 

100% of those who attended last year’s Board Effectiveness Workshop said they were satisfied with the workshop – therefore we have decided to run the workshop again, and based upon their feedback we have extended the workshop to a full day. This will allow more time for you to explore and discuss this topic and exchange examples of where things have worked well and where they haven’t. 

The workshop is aimed at people operating at or around board level and those in roles which support boards - CEOs, chairs, newly appointed and experienced board directors, and company secretaries. 

Course costs:

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