Sport England and UK Sport’s Code for Sports Governance sets out Tier level governance requirements for public funded organisations. This webinar is designed to provide a good understanding of what the three tiers mean to sport boards, how the Code is applied and what is expected of organisations. There will be case studies from organisations who have applied the governance Code to make significant improvements to their board.

This webinar will cover:

  • Three Tiers of Code
  • Application of the Code on boards
  • Impact of the Code in the sector
  • Case studies

Anyone working in an organisation which receives public funding or aspiring to receive public funding will benefit from this webinar.

Course costs:

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Vijaya Panangipalli

Governance Manager- Sport and Recreation Alliance

Vijaya has led the governance function to provide support and advice on all governance matters to our members and stakeholders since January 2016. Vijaya has significant experience of providing governance consultancy in Wales and across the UK and has been the main point of contact for governance services for. Vijaya was also seconded to Sport England to help draft the A Code for Sports Governance.