Governance Bites

The sport and recreation sector hasn’t witnessed a pandemic like COVID-19 before and it has certainly changed our ways of working.  Boards have a unique role to perform during times of crisis and their duties stretch beyond regular business. Research indicates that the board should take a keen interest in crisis management capability of its executives and monitor their progress. 

Keeping the learning needs of the sector in mind during this pandemic, we have created a brand new suite of online webinars and courses. This year, we introduce Governance Bites 2020 – a suite of digital courses and webinars along with monthly blogs to support the training needs of the sector.

Members will be able to attend a number of these sessions free of charge as part of their membership benefits package. Members will also receive 50% off the cost of the remaining sessions.




5 November 12:00 - 13:00

Practical Guide to Business Continuity - & Insurance Market Conditions Workshop

Marsh / Bluefin Sport

Members: Free

Non-Members: £99 + VAT

Description: Business continuity is a process which helps you plan ahead for potential disruptions to your organisation. Most businesses around the world embed the process into their work to help anticipate and pre-empt risks which threaten their survival. It could be as simple as flooding, losing a key employee, legal issues or any other. Our webinar aims to shed light on what business continuity means for sport organisations and tips on how to effectively produce a plan. 

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