This year’s programme will focus on behaviour change: the change needed in your organisations, so you can operate differently and how you can influence more people to be more active, more often.

It will challenge you to think about how your own organisation behaves and how that relates to the changes you are trying to effect within your clubs and membership – as well as, wider society. It will also get you thinking about your own leadership style and give you new ideas to help you drive these necessary changes.

The Fit for the Future Convention, supported by Howden, is an annual favourite in our events programme, as it brings the sector together and provides a good mix of discussion, debate and opportunity to learn from your peers.

This year it will help you learn how to develop your leadership skills to improve diversity, influence different audiences and how to create in-sight based initiatives in your organisation. We know this year’s convention will be as popular as last year (it sold out in January 2018) as we have some excellent speakers and breakout sessions lined up- check out the full programme below.


 Full Convention Package tickets are no longer available, but you can still purchase convention only (1 day pass) tickets.


If you are a Loughborough based member organisation and would like to come to the full 2 day convention, but do not need accommodation- please get in contact for alternative options.

We are also offering a limited bursary scheme for some of our smaller, non-funded Alliance members. If you have a turnover under £100,000 and are a charity or a voluntary organisation – please drop us an email for more information. These tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis.


Full Event Programme 

From 10:00am 

Arrival and Registration  

Networking with tea and coffee 



Emma Boggis, CEO 

This session will identify some of the changes needed within the sport and recreation sector and how theday will help provide you with the tools you need to play your part.


How are we behaving? 

Elspeth Kirkman, Behavioural Insights Team


This opening session will help you understand the science behind behaviour change. This includes identifying what behaviours need to change, inside and out of your organisation, and what your role is in making them happen. 


HIIT Training, 

Farrah Storr, Author of The Discomfort Zone

This practical leadership discussion will show that by spending time in our discomfort zone we can grow, improve, and realise our full potential. Whether it's dealing with difficult people, making tough decisions or completely changing direction, Farrah will share how pushing through what she calls "brief moments of discomfort" are essential for success. Farrah describes these moments as "like HIIT training for your life" - and shows how the more you force yourself into them, the easier it will get and the more you are able to achieve. 


Breakout Session  


Each delegate will attend both workshops. 

‘Taking your teams with you’ Sharon Wilson, Positive Dynamics 


This breakout session will enable you to assess where your organisations is on its change journey, what your priorities for action are, and identify different ways to engage and influence your varied stakeholders to build momentum with you.


'Using behavioural science to change people’s behaviour' Will Watt, Jump Projects 


This session will take a look at how to use behavioural science to change people’s behaviour – predominately in volunteering. This insight will give you the tools you need to help your clubs and groups more effectively recruit and retain volunteers.

13:00 – 13:45 



Breakout Session 2 



Sport Talks  

A modern NGB which celebrates the past while being relevant to the next generation - Is it possible?” - Andy Parkinson, CEO, British Rowing 


Rising to the challenge of inactivity – the GOGA approach”- Barry Horne, CEO, Activity Alliance 


Having a positive impact on 4-11 year old children taking part in their first athletics sessions - Funetics"- Matt Birkett, Head of Athletics and Running, England Athletics 


Conversation with CEO Sport England 

Tim Hollingsworth interview by Emma Boggis 


Jez Rose, 

The Behaviour Expert 

This final session will be very motivating and entertaining – whilst helping you understand and apply a behavioural psychology model to leadership. The cornerstone of effective leadership is getting others to want to do something differently. Jez is a behaviour expert and he will share a series of principles and leadership pillars, which have been adopted and used to great effect by the likes of Audi UK, Old Mutual Wealth, Northumbria Water, Volkswagen UK and many pharmaceutical companies. Your big takeaway will be understanding the essential difference between “management” and “leadership” to help you lead change in your own organisation and across the sector. 

17:40 - 17:45 

Conference Wrap-up