National governing bodies of sport will have to access if the insurance cover they have is sufficient to cover them against liabilities related to the risk they have identified.

It is important that NGBs ensure that the organisation has the appropriate level of insurance and the right type to be secure.

NGBs could for example be required to have directors and officers insurance, employers liability, building and content and special equipment etc.

It is also important to secure that the organisation have the right measures in place to ensure value for money when purchasing insurance.

It could be a policy on how many different quotes needed and how to review the product on a regular basis to ensure that no offer would provide a better value for money.

Many NGBs chose to enter a supplier agreement with an insurance company entitling its member clubs to special offers on insurance from this one supplier.

This could be a good way for a NGB to drive some commercial income but it further emphasise a need to a system to value the deal and ensure the needed value for money.

Example: Insurance guidlines from British Aikido board.
Perkins Slate product guide on sport.

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