IT strategy

Deciding the IT strategy and the use of ICT in national governing bodies of sport has to be done with a holistic approach – rather than only looking at e-mail systems and the homepage.

E-mail and the homepage are both essential tools in conveying information and it is hard to imagine a national governing body of sport which didn't have either of these.

However, the overall IT strategy is much more than just these two outlets – and it must be seen as a direct attachment to the strategic plan of an organisation.

The IT strategy should be designed to ensure that delivering the objectives of the organisation is made as easy as possible.

Factors such as the IT skill set within the organisation and the budget  available (both in the start up and maintenance) must be considered when divising a strategy.

To help divise an organisations ICT strategy the following questions should be asked of each action contained within a strategy:

  1. Does this help us to achieve our goals, how? If not then why are we doing it?
  2. Does it help us save time or money, how? If not then why are we doing it?
  3. Does it help us do new and more valuable things, how? If not then why are we doing it?
Source: NCVO 


ICT strategy example from Rounders England.

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