The workforce section of Smart Sport aims to offer you some helpful, up-to-date advice on employment and how to get the best out of your staff.

Alongside volunteers, many national governing bodies are in a position to employ personnel to help to run their organisation.

The legal aspects of employment are becoming increasingly complex and although the information and the links provided within this website are not intended to replace legal expertise, it is hoped that the groundwork has been done to enable you to:

  • Extract the basic information, guidelines and documentation that you will require to recruit and retain staff. 
  • Link into other expert websites to increase your knowledge in this area and signpost solutions to more complex problems.

Where possible, templates have been provided through links to Government and professional organisations to help ensure that the information being provided is up-to-date and legally compliant.

The importance of the volunteer workforce to any national governing bodies is also recognised within this section.

It is no secret that volunteers are the backbone of the sport and recreation sector, but they are a scarce resource.

Having effective recruitment and retention policies and practices are essential if your business is going to get the best out of its volunteers. 

Please note that, as with employed personnel, there are specific requirements for the recruitment of volunteers who will be working with children and vulnerable adults and for more in-depth information in this area, you should visit to the child protection section of the website.

You also need to be aware of, and to comply with, equalities legislation. This information is available both here and in the equalities section.

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