Complaints and quality procedures

When designing complaints and quality improvement procedures, it is important to realise that no “one-size fits all” system exists.

The procedures put in place to deal with such complaints should be designed to fit the size of the organisation.

Within sports the size of organisations vary immensely and a large organisation will have to put measures in place which would be totally unreasonable to expect from a small organisation.

However, if and when any complaints occur it is vital that organisations consider how to learn from these incidents and improve the quality of service they provide to their members, volunteers and employees.

Key points:

Organisations must:

  • deal with complaints thoroughly and effectivly
  • have procedures in place which are resource effective in terms of labour and costs
  • showcase that the organisation operates in a transparent and open fashion and is accountable to its users, stakeholders and the general public.


An example of how charities should deal with complains about their service.
Example of a complaints flowchart from Rounders England.
Example of a customer charter from Rounders England.

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