Instructing legal panel firms

We recognise instructing law firms can be a challenging task, so we have worked alongside Sport England, UK Sport and Sport Wales and in collaboration with legal panel firms to produce guidance.

This guidance will help you be effective for your organisation and get good value for money from your lawyers.  You will be able to understand:

  • how to assess if you need a lawyer or not to help with an issue
  • what basic information to provide your lawyer with from the outset to ensure bespoke and direct advice can be provided
  • the questions you need to ask your lawyer to ensure you are clear on their process and costs
  • what you can expect from your lawyer.

As part of the guidance we have also developed a template instructing form for you to fill in and use when you contact one of the panel firms.

You will find both the guidance and the template instructing form as downloads at the bottom of this page.

Logos of the Legal Panel Framework firms

This is a guidance note to help you with the process of instructing law firms. It also includes guidance on how to use the template instructing form.
This form should be used when you decide to instruct a firm on the legal panel. You can discuss the form with your lawyer when you first meet with them or you can fill it in beforehand to help you outline the issue and the advice you require.

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