Free 20 minute helpline

This page provides information on the services that will be offered by all of the legal panel framework firms as part of their appointment to the panel and their committment to service the needs of the sector in a cost efficient way.

20-minute free helpline

In addition to the individual services already offered by each firm on the Legal Panel Framework, each of the panel firms has committed to providing a free 20-minute helpline service to sport and recreation organisations. 

When you contact any firm on the panel you must:

  • specify that you wish to use the helpline service and quote LPF2012
  • confirm your membership and/or funding relationship with the Sport and Recreation Alliance, Sport England, UK Sport or Sport Wales.

Please note the information below on how to use the helpline.

Use of the helpline across the firms will be monitored. We ask you to use the helpline appropriately and respect the generous offering from the panel firms by following the rules below:

  • The 20-minutes free time applies to the first call on new queries/matters only. It does not cover a matter where the firm is already acting for you or dealing with any correspondence in relation to it.
  • This is not a call centre helpline and firms may not be able to answer your call immediately. Please do leave a message and the lawyer will return your call as soon as possible.
  • The service covers the call to the designated point of contact for the firm, or on some occasions, when they refer you on to a specialist in that firm to discuss your initial query.
  • If you have contacted another firm on the same query please let the lawyer know. Please note the collaborators and panel firms will be monitoring use by national governing bodies and repeated requests to different firms on the same query will be followed up with the organisation.
  • Check if the firm covers the area of law that you require assistance on before contacting them.

For contact details of each of the panel firms visit our webpage.

We are working with the panel firms to confirm further services that will be offered as part of the framework and will update you on this page.


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