Funding for sports federations can come from several funding partners. What is different about this funding stream is that the provider of money or other resources is normally not expecting any return on the investment.

Funding is often given to projects which have a larger social purpose.

Funding providers will also often expect that the progress is monitored and reported back.

The process of getting funding has become harder as more organisations are now competing for less money.

Increased competition has made engagement with funding partners crucial for sporting federations and it must therefore be optimised.

Engagement with one's funders should be seen in three parts:

  1. The engagement needed when applying for grants.
  2. The formulation of a fundraising strategy.
  3. Working with funders who have provided grant funding.
This toolkit deals with planning and researching a funding proposal before you write it.
A documents that will help your organisation writing better grant applications.

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