Crisis management plans

A crisis management plan is the strategy in place to handle events which could harm the organisation, its stakeholders or the general public. A crisis management plan distinguishes from a risk management as it deals with events after they have happened and does not try to foresee and limit risks.

What is important is to make sure that the organisation keeps functioning in such situations. It is to make sure the organisation is still able to deal with members, employees and other stakeholders.

To ensure this happens, organisations must have a business continuity plan.

It is, perhaps, a misconception that a ‘business continuity plan’ needs to be drafted by organisations purely to provide guidance in the event of a serious emergency.

Although there is an obvious need to be prepared for incidents – such as fire or flood – which could have devastating effects, there is a greater likelihood of a business grinding to a halt through an IT problem, because the office heating system has failed – or even simply because the keys to the office have been lost!

Business continuity plan from Rounders England.

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