Companies Act Compliant

The Companies Act 2006, revised and consolidated under UK company law following the recommendations of the Company Law Review, reported on the modernisation of UK company law in 2001.

The key areas covered by the act are:

  • Setting out in statute directors’ duties
  • Allowing companies to indemnify directors
  • Confidentiality of directors’ home addresses
  • Shareholder rights including setting out in statute the right to bring a claim on behalf of the company in certain circumstances
  • Raising share capital and takeovers
  • Auditor liability and offences
  • Company formation and administration including the responsibilities of Companies House and greater use of electronic reporting and filing
  • Political donations
  • Corporate governance rules implementing EU directives
  • New rules to allow company law to be updated more regularly.

Under this Act a set of model articles was drafted to facilate organisations' adoption of these upon incorporation rather than dratf their own..

All companies formed after October 2009 could adopt the model articles as standard or could choose to adopt their own amended articles based on the new Act.

Clearly with the changes brought in by the Act, all existing organisations that are registered as companies need to update their articles in line with the model articles which can be arduous and were not drafted with sport in mind.

Consequently, the Sport and Recreation Alliance commissioned Farrer & Co to draft model articles aimed at sports organisations which you can adapt and incorporate into your current articles in compliance with the 2006 Companies Act requirements.

You can access examples of constitutions and information about the Companies Act 2006 and the model articles from this page and the page below:

Review Memorandum and Articles


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