Role of treasurer

Most sport organisation specify that one of their board members takes on financial responsibilities and oversight. The role is usually called a treasurer and is appointed as set out in the governing document.

The treasurer can only take on specific duties if they have been authorised to do so. This authorisation might be set out in the governing document or related procedure or agreed by the other board members in a role description or some other document.

Generally the treasurer helps board members carry out their financial responsibilities. They might do this by:

  • presenting financial reports to the board in a format that helps the board understand the organisation's financial position
  • advising the board on how to carry out its financial responsibilities
  • liasing with professional advisors
  • overseeing the preparation and scrutiny of annual accounts
  • in small organisations, the Treasurer might take on some or all of the day to day financial duties, such as bookkeeping, budgeting and preparation of reports.

The work of the treasurer can vary depending on the size of the organisations. Many guides exist to assist treasurers of different types and sizes of organisations to understand and carry out their role.

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