The term 'board' relates to the strategic decision-making 'non-executive' function at the top of an organisation. In some sport and recreation organisations it will be referred to in different ways.

The different names might include: management committe, council, non-executive, directors, trustees and many others.

Regardless of the name given, the group of individuals that form the board will have responsibility for:

  • leading the broad direction of the organisation
  • directing the organisation's strategy and structure to ensure it survives and grows in the future
  • agreeing, monitoring and controlling implementation of strategies, policies and plans that affect the organisation
  • developing and maintaining relationships with stakeholders.

This section includes all the resources you may need to help you create and maintain an effective board.  It is broken down into the following sections:

Role of the board – this includes induction materials, appraisals, codes of conduct and evaluations.

Role of the chair – this includes role descriptions.

Role of the CEO – this includes information on the role a CEO should play, the relationship between the CEO and the chair and how the board should appraise the CEO.

Role of the treasurer – this includes role descriptions and examples of the role of a treasurer on a board.

Presentation on being a charity trustee delivered by the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors Club.

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