Delegated tasks and operations

Delegating is a critical skill for leaders and managers to master. It is closely linked with the art of empowerment and this should be remembered when deciding what and who to delegate to.

Delegating involves:

  1. Working with an individual to establish goals.
  2. Granting the individual sufficient authority and responsibility to achieve the goals.
  3. Giving the individual freedom in deciding how the goals will be achieved.
  4. Remaining available as a resource to help them achieve the goals.
  5. Assessing the quality of their effort and attainment of the goals.
  6. Addressing performance issues and/or rewarding their performance.

Ultimately you will retains responsibility for the attainment of the goals, but you may choose to achieve the goals by delegating to someone else.

Delegation is not about getting someone to do exactly what you want in the way that you would have done it. Delegation is about getting someone to achieve the outcome you need and what you want in a way that they decide is best.

Often if you delegate to the right person, who is excited, motivated or an expert in the work you have given them, the outcome and the process of achieving the outcome may be better than if you did it yourself.

Delegation can sometimes be a major challenge for new managers to learn because they are concerned about giving up control or struggling to have confidence in the abilities of others.

The benefits of delegation are:

  • freeing up a great deal of your own time
  • empowering people to grow and develop in this experiences and roles
  • build a group or team of people who are developing a variety of skills such as: leadership skills, problem solving, goal attainment and learning.

Delegation is a success when the goal is achieved in an effective way and the person delivering the goal feels empowered and proud to have been involved.

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