Once you have decided on the number and functions of committees and subcommittee you will have as part of your governance structure, it is important to put in place appropriate administration to support them. 

It may be appropriate to give some committees powers to take decisions, spend money and/or take certain actions. 

It is important that there is a strong administrative structure to support the committee but also that allows open and transparent operation.

Listed below are the common administrative features to consider for each committee:

  • Chair – Who will chair the meetings and what will the role of the chair be?
  • Agenda – who will create and circulate the agendas as a record of what will be discussed at each meeting?
  • Secretary – who will record the minutes and actions from meetings and circulate them to the committee?
  • Terms of Reference – who will decide the purpose of the group and how often it will meet?

Administration should always be considered when setting up a new committee because without administrative support the committee can become unmanageable.

How to take minutes for meetings in the most effective and user friendly way.

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